Inside the tunnels of the Ukrainian resistence

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Lviv residents have been hearing bomb warning sirens every day for more than a week.

Yuri is a young boy whose lifestyle has drastically changed in just a matter of days. Everything now is about the war. He explains how he has adjusted to the new reality.

“We have prepared bags and other items so that we can pick them up and carry them to shelters if there are any bombings during the night. I have a bag with documents, money, and food in my luggage. If Russian troops arrive, we’ll pack and flee the city.  Currently, Lviv stores offer all kinds of products.”

CNN’s A2 has entered to one of the shelters. Everyone has taken refuge in the temporary shelter system in case of an attack.

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Inside the tunnels, which have become a daily routine for Lviv residents, there are gas masks or equipment that can be utilized if they are blocked inside.

Despite the fact that the two countries agreed on humanitarian corridors, the bombs in Ukraine have resulted in hundreds of deaths.