Sad testimony of Ukrainian citizen from Kharkiv for A2 CNN: We stand for hours in line for food

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Alexey Kolensykov, a citizen of Kharkiv, Ukraine, provided witness on what is happening in his hometown and throughout the country during the evening Diary on A2 CNN.

Alexei emphasizes the gravity of the situation and the increase of bombings. According to him, residents wait hours in line to provide food for their families.

“The situation is grave. Every building has been bombed. Numerous victims. People are afraid; they form a queue for food. For fuel supply is bad, there are only two points that provide supply. The queues for bread are long. To obtain something, you must spend a half-day at the shops. We are feeding ourselves with simply what we have at home. Every person has the ability to carry weapons and has established territorial units. Russian forces are based on the outside of cities, but some of them steal people’ automobiles and drive through them, seizing many city cores. Anyone with military training receives a firearm,” Alexei told A2 CNN.