COVID in Albania: 1 death, 15 severe cases

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According to the Ministry of Health, 2651 tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours, with 303 persons infected with coronavirus.

Meanwhile, one individual died as a result of Covid-19 exposure, while 934 were recovered.

Currently, COVID hospitals are treating 89 patients, 15 of whom are in critical condition.

There will be no relaxation, and anti-Covid policies will remain in place. The existing restrictions, according to Mira Rakacolli, head of the Technical Committee of Experts, will stay in place for some time.

The easing of measures, according to the chairperson of the Technical Committee, is dependent on population vaccination coverage.

Rakacolli indicates that young people in our country have the lowest vaccination rates and the highest risk of transmitting the coronavirus and its mutations.

However, despite the claims of epidemiologists who predict that the epidemic will be over soon, the Deputy Minister of Health is not so certain.

It is yet unknown whether or not Omicron will mark the end of the coronavirus epidemic. Meanwhile, official data indicate that the Omicron wave is diminishing, as seen by a decrease in infections and hospitalizations.