State Audit verifies more issues with Public-Private Partnerships in the health sector

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The issue of public private concessions in health continues. The Supreme State Audit Office discovers several irregularities during its 2019-2020 audit of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

The government has incurred additional expenditures as a result of payment for services not rendered and unanticipated charges for the basic control CHECK-UP and the VAT treatment of this service.

Even in the concession of surgical tool sterilization and provision of sterile medical materials, expenses remain outside the scope of the contract.

Additionally, the Supreme State Audit finds a contradiction between the provision of hemodialysis and its liquidation in the concession contract “For the provision of hemodialysis” in five regions of the country.

Even in this scenario, SSA asserts, expenses for incomplete service and unforeseen expenses must be paid.