Experts announce that Omicron is taking the pandemic to an end

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The “Omicron” mutation’s wave of infection has begun to fade. According to experts from the Institute of Public Health, the number of infections has reduced in the previous two weeks.

“Again, the incidence is high, but we’ve seen a drop in the previous two weeks, indicating that the wave of infection has begun to fade,” Silva Bino adds.

When asked if anti-COVID measures would be eased or removed, Bino said it will depend on the population’s level of immunization.

“These are measures that should be examined in the framework of Omicron, but also in the context of population protection; the measures have been eliminated in those nations where vaccination rates are high,” the doctor continues.

For the first time, the director of the Public Health Institution of infectious diseases feels positive about the pandemic’s conclusion. “I believe the epidemic is drawing to a close; of course, the spread of less severe strains will confirm this.”

Anti-Covid vaccination, however, will continue as long as coronaviruses, particularly SARS-coV-2, are in circulation, according to specialists.

“SARS-coV-2 will continue to exist, although in milder versions.”

This necessitates ongoing immunization. Officially, 46 percent of the population in our country has had one dose of vaccination and 42 percent has received both doses.