International partners urge Albania to extend terms of judicial vetting bodies

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When the vote in the session takes two more days, international pressure to prolong the deadlines of vetting bodies in the judiciary is mounting. Through a joint reaction, the EU and US diplomatic offices in Tirana reminded the political parties that this is also a Venice Commission recommendation.

“To allow vetting institutions to carry perform their function, it is important to amend the constitution to temporarily prolong their mandate.”

“The Venice Commission acknowledged that the proposed extension is consistent with European norms and is required to provide legal clarity and equality before the law “says the joint statement of the EU and US  embassies.

Brussels and Washington representatives make it clear that this is not a party issue, a call that appears to be directed more at the opposition.

“Albania’s friends, who want Albania to join the EU as soon as possible, firmly welcome the proposed extension of the vetting process. This is a non-partisan problem. We hope that all MPs, regardless of party affiliation, will view this as a matter of national interest and vote accordingly, as they have always done in favor of Albania’s European aspirations. Voting for the prolongation of the vetting process is a vote for Albania’s future in the EU “, the declaration underlines.