Agriculture specialist: Albanian agro-processors face inequality in the region

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According to Uran Derri, an agriculture specialist, Albanian agro-processors face unfair competition from other nations in the area, as he stated on A2 Business.

“I am concerned about the situation for Albanian agro-processors. By not having our own products, by not having protection, it will be easy for others to compete with us. Inequality across countries raises the cost of living. A Serbian manufacturer will have no interest in selling an Albanian agro-processor. In Albanian marketplaces, he will come straight with his product. This is the most serious threat I perceive”, the expert states.

Meanwhile, Agim Rrapaj, head of the Albanian Agribusiness Council, stated his support for the Open Balkans and explained why.

“We are a major exporter of fruits and vegetables in the Balkans, and we want facilities here. At the same time, we have benefits in terms of fruit trees and, in particular, olive oil. This is something we’ve been looking forward to. We also have a significant edge when it comes to medicinal plants. Markets are needed, but so are facilities “, Rrapaj stated.