Agricultural Policy Director: Albania has increased exports

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According to Irfan Tarelli, director of agricultural policy at the Ministry of Agriculture, the state of agriculture in our nation is good, citing customs statistics.

Exports have climbed by over 15% year over year, according to Tarelli, who also applauded the high-value crop cultivation plan.

“Total exports from customs statistics show a 15.6 percent rise in value in agriculture, agro-processing, and fisheries in 2021 compared to 2022. This isn’t something that just happened by itself. The ratio of imports to exports has improved. Different dynamics exist within the sub-branches. We don’t have the benefit of being able to produce cereals, therefore we can’t encourage farmers to do so. There are many goods that we have a positive balance with, but there are also those that we have a negative balance with. Our farmers are focusing on high-value crops, and we’re taking advantage of the early stages of the season. We’re exporting “Tarelli said.