A2 Business: Why is Albania importing milk from Serbia?

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Albania is increasingly relying on imports to meet its population’s milk needs. This problem was discussed, among other things, at A2 Business on Wednesday evening.

Donjaldo Hoxha, from the Dairy Sector Association, stated that this is because the dairy industry is increasingly looking to Serbia for milk imports. Hoxha emphasized the absence of local milk production while underlining the product’s cheap price in the region’s countries.

“The situation is dire and immediate. This is the most challenging period in the dairy industry’s history. We rely on imports only when our country lacks the necessary raw materials. Demand on the market is dynamic and seasonal.

In the summer months, when tourism is at its peak, we must import raw materials. However, it should be noted that milk in Serbia is 15-20% cheaper than in Albania. Milk costs between 50 and 52 cents in Albania. It varies between 32 and 36 cents throughout the region’s nations. This price fluctuation is mostly attributable to the region’s livestock-subsidizing policies. This disadvantages the Albanian farmer in comparison to other farmers in the region “, Hoxha stated.

Meanwhile, Irfan Tarelli, head of agricultural strategy at the Ministry of Agriculture, confirmed the country’s fall in milk output and attributed it to village households reducing their cow herds.