DP: Berisha found shelter at Ilir Meta today

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After the Socialist Movement for Integration presented their coalition for the March 6 elections to the CEC, which includes the Democratic Party’s Re-establishment Commission and the Christian Democratic Party, the Democratic Party issued a statement to the media.

Sali Berisha took refuge in Ilir Meta’s party, according to DP, and is utilizing the Democrats to solve his and Ilir Meta’s problems.

“Albania must be free of the old politics, in which everything is based on politicians’ personal interests.” Sali Berisha has taken sanctuary with Ilir Meta’s party today, and is putting his and Ilir Meta’s problems on the Democrats.

Because the Democrats have learned that Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta are abusing them, they are distancing themselves from the Berisha farce every day.

“Now, not only for democrats, but for all Albanians, it is evident that if you elect Berisha and Meta, you will get Rama, and if you elect Rama, you will get Berisha and Meta,” the PD response reads.