Parliament’s vote for dismissing President, Meta’s strategy to defend his case

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The destiny of Ilir Meta’s presidency will be decided by the seven constitutional judges on Tuesday. Prior to the hearing, the President’s attorneys arrived at the courthouse and demanded the evidence against him. After more than an hour, the presidential lawyers were able to familiarize themselves with a portion of the materials from which they would create Ilir Meta’s legal defense.

A2 CNN has learned that this defense will concentrate on 3 components. The first is the time period during which this procedure occurs.

“The President was invested on July 1 to assess this trial as soon as possible before the conclusion of the legislature,” the President’s legal advisor, Dervishi, stated.

The President believes that his dismissal was decided during an expired session, and as a result, the Parliament’s political will may have shifted.

Meta’s second point of contention is that at least part of the judicial panel has a conflict of interest. Judge Fiona Papjorgji has come under fire from the head of state at the Special Appellate Panel. He has also urged that she face disciplinary punishment. A2 CNN has learned that this will be one of the arguments made in court regarding the incompatibility of certain members of the Court for whom Meta’s staff alleges a conflict of interest.

The third defense point is more technical in nature and concerns the absence of an organic legislation governing the operation of the President of the Republic institution. There can be no legal infringement if there is no law regarding this action. This is essentially the logic that will be used by the Presidency’s lawyers.

This legal protection is critical for Ilir Meta because it will determine whether he is the first president to be ousted or the politician who prevails in all legal battles, from the Supreme Court to the Constitutional Court.