Kosovo PM summoned in Parliament for closing border to travellers without three doses of COVID vaccine

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In addition to the public outcry and opposition to the Kosovo government’s decision to allow travelers into the country with only three doses of vaccination, Prime Minister Albin Kurti defended the decision as reasonable.

“Anti-covid measures were not taken on the spur of the moment, but rather as a result of a careful inter-institutional process that began with recommendations from health professionals in the anti-covid measures advisory commission, followed by a review of these measures by representatives of key institutions for pandemic management in the Covid-19 Coordination and Evaluation Committee. We are a government that is ready to make the correct decisions at the right time and difficult ones for the good of the population, not for political gain,” Kurti said.

According to Kurti, an increase in new instances is unavoidable, but the steps are designed to slow them down. High-risk sectors have been subjected to restrictions, according to Kurti, who stressed that the limitations are just temporary.

“The government’s most recent initiatives are only temporary. Fortunately, previous experience from other nations indicates that the Omicron variant’s wave passes quite quickly in comparison to previous waves of covid-19. “I assure you and all citizens that as soon as it becomes evident that the measures imposed are no longer required to avoid a strain on the health system, we will quickly begin to ease them,” Kurti stated.

Kurti requested the booster dose, despite the fact that 800,000 citizens had already received two doses.