Erdogan’s visit to Tirana, Shano: Turkey has interests in Albania

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“Rama, like no other Albanian leader, has had a high frequency of visits to Turkey. “If these visits had been to Rome, something would have happened by now.”

This is what analyst Dritan Shano said on Absolut 4 on A2 CNN while commenting on President Erdogan’s recent visit to Tirana and Albania-Turkey relations.

Although Erdogan said during the visit that the aid is more than fraternal and does not expect anything to come back from Albania, Shano is not of this opinion. He said that Turkey has an interest in Albania and this is indisputable.

“That Turkey has an interest in Albania, this is indisputable. There are investments in strategic sectors in Albania. “These things happen because we have a big problem with Brussels, it does not accept us, it does not call us similar”, said Shano.