High flux of COVID patients in health centers, doctor appeals citizens to respect measures

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Because of the large influx of infected persons, the Omicron version of the coronavirus has made things more difficult for the health system. This was stated by pulmonologist Silvana Sadria in the studio of “Dita Jonë,” on A2 CNN. She emphasized the importance of isolation and attention to the measures now more than ever.

She stated that, as a result of the high number of people affected by this variant, the number of visits per day has increased to 50-60 , from ten, which is the legal minimum.

“The legal minimum is ten patients per shift, but they now go up to 50-60.” We are frequently exhausted and do not have time to become ill. The entire staff got COVID at the institution, except for me . We are all vaccinated.”

Dr. Sadria pleaded for special care, stating that people are still impacted by the Delta form, which is still in circulation.

When it comes to the long recovery time, she pointed out that people with diabetes and immunological illnesses have had more difficulty recovering.