Erdogan, EU continues with the “dragging around” method as regards accession

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The President of Turkey, Erdogan, was also asked about EU integration and relations with the union during the joint press conference with Prime Minister Rama in Tirana.

Erdogan emphasized that the EU continues to use the dragging around method in regards to Turkey’s integration, while he stated that the focus is on NATO. Meanwhile, he added that maintaining peace in the Balkans is critical, and Turkey will do everything possible to achieve this.

“Since the opening and closure of the chapters, the EU has not accepted Turkey as a member.  We’ve just talked about one chapter so far. The EU’s behavior strategy is still in place.

“The initiatives that will be made in relation to NATO are critical, and we will perform our due diligence.

“Peace is particularly important in the Balkans. We will do everything we can to ensure peace and calm in the Balkans, and we will be one of the countries to do so,” Erdogan stated.