DP accuse President of an active role in January 8th violence after Meta’s declaration

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President Ilir Meta stated that Lulzim Basha was responsible for reestablishing his credibility by voting in the Democratic Party assembly following his loss of support from Sali Berisha and other MPs.

“Basha was elected with the backing of Sali Berisha, Flamur Noka, and Albana Vokshi, among others. Now, for whatever reason, these individuals not only withdraw that support but also cast doubt on its authenticity. It is his responsibility to reclaim his validity,” Meta stated.

When asked whether he favors Berisha or Basha, Meta responded, “As you know, I have a soft spot for the Doctor (Berisha), but with the motto “we lead the revolution, the revolution leads us”… When creating such an organization, you must ensure that it is organized in the most tranquil manner possible from the start to the finish. You are well aware that everything is being done to create an image of violence and to speculate. That is not in the interest of democracy, but in the aim of eradicating political pluralism in Albania.”

President Ilir Meta acknowledged that both sides utilized violence during the January 8 demonstration. He declared, however, that he had communicated with Belind Kellici prior to the protest’s start, warning him not to succumb to provocations.

“I noticed that cars had been parked in front of the offices, which I interpreted as a provocation. ‘Be careful not to touch any car,’I advised Belind Kllici. Prior to the protest’s start, I advised him to maintain peaceful management of the protest.  So the president is straightforward; he does not play games,” Meta explained.

The President stated that Lulzim Basha’s and his supporters’ actions demonstrate that they are not interested in resolving the problem. “We have witnessed from a party that only dismisses MPs, the Youth Forum’s leader, and the Women’s Movement’s chairperson. Edi Paloka has made attempts at negotiation, but the other side has refused. It is self-evident that the core of the crisis is a failure to respect the right to vote,” Meta stated.

Democratic Party issues reaction after President’s declaration

The Democratic Party declared in a statement to the media that “Ilir Meta’s current position, in which he did not conceal his alliance with Sali Berisha against the Democratic Party and his active role in the attack on the Democratic Party headquarters, is the shocking truth that the Democrats are gradually realizing.”

“Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta have formed a coalition to destroy the Democratic Party, just because it is not turning into a haven for individuals with personal issues. The Democratic Party reiterates its plea that Ilir Meta and his followers refrain from approaching the Democratic Party’s headquarters. The period during which Ilir Meta utilized the DP as a shield ended on September 9, when the DP severed ties with Sali Berisha,” the statement adds.

“The President of the Republic’s intervention, like Edi Rama’s, in an internal Democratic Party debate demonstrates what we have said from the start: that the Berisha-Rama-Meta triangle is united by a larger issue, but it is not a problem of the Democratic Party, and not the plight of Albanian citizens,” DP adds.