SPAK takes former Interior Minister’s case to court

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The Tirana Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) has finished its investigation into the criminal proceedings against Rovena Voda, the former Deputy Minister of Interior, and has submitted the case to trial.

Voda has been charged with the criminal offense of “Exercising unlawful influence on persons performing public functions,” as well as the criminal offense of “Exercising illegal influence on persons exercising public functions,” both of which were committed in collaboration.

The defendants Majlinda Hasani and Florida Beu, on the other hand, are accused of conspiring to commit the criminal offense “Exercising illegal influence on persons exercising public functions.”

According to the investigation file, Voda received 1000 euros, a cellphone, and a fish crate from two people in order to hire Florida Beu while serving as Deputy Minister of the Interior.

Voda maintained through her lawyer in the summer of last year, when she was held in custody until the start of the trial, that she had committed no violations and had only followed the law.