Berisha testifies on January 8th violence, comments on US State Secretary declaration

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After today’s testimony to the prosecution concerning the events of January 8 at the Democratic Party headquarters, Sali Berisha stated  that Basha and Rama were combined into one, and he also claimed that those who defended Lulzim Basha had the same police weaponry.

“The moment that a party headquarters was seized by bandits exemplified all that occurs in a narco-state. How could Basha mercenaries have used the same police weapons? A few of them have been outlawed. The issue is that Lulzim Basha’s van removed the weapons from the headquarters. There is clear proof of armed personnel in the headquarters, including photographs. No one today doubts the reality of Basha’s guards, a vast organization of mercenaries composed of murderers and drug dealers.

The National Guard is another compromising event that demonstrates Rama’s merging with Basha. The National Guard is protecting Lulzim Basha in violation of the law,” Berisha added.

Sali Berisha reacted to Gabriel Escobar, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Southern and Central Europe, for his statement about the events at the PD headquarters on January 8. Violence, according to Escobar, cannot be used to obtain control of a political party.

Berisha testified for the prosecution on Thursday, saying that Escobar tried to help Basha but was unsuccessful.

“I express my deep regret. On the first visit, my reaction was that Albanians are an old nation and do not like puppet politicians. In the most straightforward manner possible, I requested that he avoid dealing with puppet politicians. He believed that by making that comment, he would be able to assist Basha, but not only did he fail to persuade the Parliament, but the parliament went on to achieve an unprecedented achievement. How can you work successfully with someone who brings in killers and thugs? They must be informed. I invite Escobar and anyone else to testify in court about any facts or documentation. Today, supporting Basha is the equivalent of supporting a political corpse. Supporting Basha is a detriment,” Berisha stated.

Sali Berisha stated that prosecutors treated him normally throughout his interrogation in connection with the January 8 demonstration, except when he mentioned Edi Rama. The former prime minister was harsher on the new justice institutions, claiming that they were incapable of investigating government wrongdoing. “They’re members of the party,” Berisha explained.

Additionally, the former president announced his strategy for the aftermath of the January 8 demonstration. “Meetings with the base came to a close with the assembly on December 11th. “Now there will be powerful meetings with citizens, to prepare the ground for solid protests.”