Albania and Greece discuss railways and improvement of power lines

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The Blue Corridor, a railway line that will run from Pogradec to the Greek town of Jeropigia, and electricity exchanges will all be part of Albania and Greece’s concrete development plan. This was confirmed during the visit of the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku in Athens.

Balluku stated in the meetings with Costas Karamanlis, Greek Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, that a memorandum of cooperation will be signed between the two countries. She stated that these projects have a direct impact on the lives of individuals in both countries, and she pledged to support these initiatives.

“We will sign a memorandum of cooperation and understanding in the next days for a joint project, a project that will connect our two countries by rail,” she said. In terms of Greek territory, a railway will be built from Pogradec to the exit of Jeropigia, connecting it to the city of Kastoria. But it is also the moment when the Greek state begins the part which will connect the Ionian highway, the one at the exit point in Ioannina, with the border point of Kakavija,” she added.

In terms of energy, the Minister stated that Albania and Greece are linked by a modern line.

“Albania and Greece are linked by a modern interconnection line that can be used to store energy in both countries or to establish long-term sales contracts at significantly lower prices than the market.  We also talked about the technical assistance we may get from the Greek Ministry of Energy and Environment on the issue of battery generation and energy storage, which is one of the most critical issues and that the European Union is promoting right now.”