Albanians must not expect lower gas prices this year

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Albanians should expect high fuel prices this year and should not look forward for any price stabilization or reducion. According to fuel expert Dael Dervishi, this is a global phenomena that is felt more strongly in our country due to other variables other than the import price.

“We have to get used to high costs that fluctuate frequently, but that mostly incline towards growth. Albania is reliant on global markets since domestic output is insufficient to meet its needs. Of course, because it is entangled with taxes, the base price is almost imperceptible. “There are also political issues that affect price stability,” Dervishi adds.

According to Dervishi, the geopolitical situation in many significant oil-producing countries, such as Kazakhstan and Libya, as well as weather conditions in the United States and Canada and other issues, are driving market anxiety.

Various geopolitical crises have produced tensions in the oil trade in the past, but today, due to the green transition, where long-term investment in this field is no longer possible, achieving a balance has become much more difficult.