Civici: Price increase, temporary, influenced by both worldwide and domestic factors

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Ardian Civici, speaking live on A2 CNN’s “A2 Business” studio with Aurora Sulçe, claimed that the rise in prices is the result of a combination of the two events.

“Price increases are a global phenomena, and this is combined with price increases in our country during the end-of-year holidays.”

“Albania is still at a point where food expenses account for half of a family’s expenses, thus I believe that rising food prices must be tackled by social support measures,” said the economist.

“Markets must be controlled,” he says, “but having a state control over prices is really difficult.”

“More than control, which is clearly needed, there is a need for a grouping of supply, which in a way helps in disciplining pricing,” Civici said, “especially when there are thousands of small and intermediate sellers for basic products.”

“Albania is not the only country that is experiencing a crisis,” Civici said commenting on the economic stalemate. ” We are in a predicted global economic and commercial cycle, but it is unclear how long it will persist. I believe that the price rises resulting from the volatility in the energy and food markets, as well as the current panic scenario in all markets, will be temporary. We must consider how to make our economy more resilient to these shocks.”