US Embassy responds to Berisha: State Department has never reversed any “non-grata” designation

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The US Embassy in Tirana demonstrated that none of the people deemed “non grata” by the US State Department in the fight against corruption has ever been pardoned or the judgment rescinded.

Statistics from the US diplomatic mission in Tirana show that there is zero-tolerance for all “non grata” criteria, citing over 200 instances when this technique has been deployed.

The announcement came just days after Sali Berisha urged the US State Department to revisit the decision against him in front of his followers at a December 11 meeting, after previously warning that he would only pursue the case legally.

Asked by A2 CNN, Berisha refused to consider this request to the State Department as a negotiation to calm things down. He added that, while he would accept an apology if it came, he would proceed with the open trial in Paris against Secretary Blinken, whom he accuses of defamation, and welcomed all people who have evidence against him to present it in this process.

“Washington is disturbed about the unlawful attacks on the ambassador”,  spokesperson of the US State Department, Ned Price, told VOA. “As directed by Washington, Ambassador Kim has clearly outlined and carried out US policy, including President Biden’s willingness to hold individuals who participate in corruption or undermine democracy accountable.”