Will the electricity price increase? OSHEE Director explains on A2 Business

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The government declared an energy emergency in early October, which will endure until April 15 of next year. A tough scenario has arisen as a result of the sharp rise in energy costs on international markets, which has a direct impact on Albania, given our reliance on imports. State-owned businesses OSHEE and OST have asked to the Electricity Regulatory Authority to increase the price of energy for next year, citing the necessity for more money as well as the primary purpose of delivering uninterrupted energy.

It is now up to the ERE to make a decision, and to do so soon. Legally, the decision should be made by the end of December. Will the cost of energy go up? Who will be impacted if the price rises? Will the operators’ balance be saved by increasing tariffs, or do we have management issues?

These issues were discussed in A2 Business on Wednesday, and Adrian Çela, Administrator of OSHEE, intervened over the phone, stating that there will be no increase for families and small businesses.

“I’ve heard OSHEE is requesting rate rises. The Distribution System Operator submitted the application to the Regulatory Entity. “I will not change the final tariff; the family customer and small business will be unaffected,” Çela stated.