State-owned energy companies file request for electricity price increase

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The Energy Distribution Operator (OSHEE) and the Transmission System Operator (TSO) have submitted a price increase request to the Energy Regulatory Authority for next year. The Official Bulletin has published two decisions authorizing the commencement of the review procedure for the two state-owned energy companies’ application for a price hike.

The OSHEE is requesting a 34 percent increase in the average energy distribution tariff. As a result, starting next year, the current rate of 4.79 lek per kilowatt hour will rise to 6.42 lek per kilowatt hour. 

Citizens and small businesses will be exempt from the price hike, as the government previously announced, but major firms connected to 6, 10, and 20 kilovolts, as well as those at 35 kilovolts, which are primarily industries, will be affected. 

According to OSHEE sources, the price rise was requested to regulate market pricing, which have remained fixed for these businesses despite rising costs for years.