National Emergency Head: No need for alarm with Omicron, the worst is over

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“I don’t think we’ll see the waves we’ve seen in recent months; the worst is already gone,” said Skender Brataj, the head of the National Emergency, who is optimistic about the future year regarding the situation with COVID.

This does not mean that the vaccination campaign should be slowed; in fact, starting January 4, it will expand to include the administration and certain categories of employees, he tells A2 CNN, adding that it will take 3-4 weeks to fully comprehend the new South African variant “baptized” with the word Omicron.

However, caution is required. “Of course, there are infections, and the numbers we observe are not accurate because individuals do not seek care because they believe it is a seasonal cold.  The ones that have been presented are simply extreme situations. ictims and hospitalizations are already showing signs of the pandemic’s progress,” he warned.

The well-known doctor also notes that citizens should be cautious about the medicines, whether or not they are prescribed by the doctor.

Brataj does not believe the measures enacted on January 4 are oppressive. 

“Germany, which we usually use as an example, is considering making vaccinations more mandatory and is transporting patients to Italy, Austria is doing the same, and Greece has imposed fines on those who are not vaccinated.  We are not going to extremes, but it is the state’s responsibility to defend all residents. ” Brataj adds .