How many vaccinated patients have died of COVID in Albania?

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Eugena Tomini, the Albanian Deputy Health Minister, did not provide a precise number of vaccinated persons who have died from the coronavirus, but highlighted that the majority of them are unvaccinated. She stated in the studio of “Debate” with Alba Alishani that out of 157 patients hospitalized, 94% are unvaccinated, 6% are on their first or second dose of the vaccination and are not in bad conditions, and 23 are in serious condition and receiving intense therapy.

“94 percent of all patients are unvaccinated, out of 157 hospitalized cases  6% are on one or two dosages but do not have serious clinic symptoms. There are 23 patients undergoing intensive care, and they have demonstrated an aggressive condition that need extensive treatment.”

When asked how many vaccinated persons had died, she responded: “This information is collected from the hospital on an ongoing basis, as we have around 3,068 deaths so far, but the number of unvaccinated deaths has always dominated.  It is a number that shows that people should be vaccinated.”