Deputy Health Minister: 75,000 persons have applied for third dose of vaccine

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In our country, over 57 thousand people have applied for the third dose of the vaccine. Eugena Tomini, the Deputy Minister of Health, announced on A2 CNN’s Debate studio with Alba Alishani. According to her, the procedure is continuing at a satisfactory rate, with 7-8 thousand applications each day, and 2 million 663 thousand vaccines available from stock and inflows.

“Vaccination is a process that has continued at a good pace, with 7-8 thousand applications per day, and I must emphasize that out of the 2 million 663 thousand vaccines in stock and inflows in the country, over one 1,vaccines have been applied with one dose, 935 thousand with two doses, and 57 thousand with the third dose. We are now offering it to 12-15 year olds and 17-18 year olds. Pfizer and Sinovac provide about 600,000 doses that are available at every health facility in accordance with the national vaccination policy.”

Tomini emphasized that the third dose of the vaccination has generated interest, and that the major target groups are people over 60 years old, as well as those with existing conditions who have received the Pfizer vaccine. The third dosage of the vaccination should be given six months following the second dose, however Tomini also discusses vaccine combinations.

When asked if there are any preferences for vaccine types, Tomini responded that while there may be exceptions, the protocol and recommendations of the Committee of Experts on Vaccination are generally followed. Her priority, she said, is to produce the vaccine to protect public health rather than for tourism purposes.

Tomini also stated that the Public Health Institution has taken precautions regarding vaccination expiration dates.