Minister of Economy: Eurobond will turn into investments and economic growth

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Delina Ibrahimaj, the Minister of Economy, presented the details of the new 10-year Eurobond’s issuance. According to Ibrahimaj, the debt will be converted into investments, resulting in a good influence on the economy.

“The 650 million euro Eurobond was issued with a 10-year maturity and a value of 650 million euros. The long-term interest rate is 3.75 percent, while the Eurobond coupon was 3.5 percent. The Eurobond’s maturity date is set for November 2031 “, explained the minister.

“Compared to the others, this Eurobond had a coupon comparable to that in 2020,” she said, “but this time the extension is three years higher, i.e. the highest received so far from Albania.This is a significant step not just in terms of providing the necessary money for the years 2021 and 2022, but also in terms of ensuring foreign investors’ confidence in the Albanian administration and the changes we are conducting.”