Still no consensus between majority and opposition regarding electoral reform

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The majority and the opposition have yet to reach an agreement on the creation of an election reform commission. The work’s goal continues to divide the parties.

Taulant Balla, the head of the Socialist parliamentary group, stated that this panel must consider all OSCE/ODIHR recommendations, hinting that the opposition does not concur.

“There is complete consensus to be established in terms of viewpoints or will. We are specifying one last piece that has to do with the commission’s scope of work, and I believe that if not on Thursday, then in the next sessions, we will be able to resolve it. 95% of the work has been done so far. All of the recommendations from the OSCE ODIHR reports should be addressed by the Special Commission. We must admit that we haven’t followed up on these suggestions since 2015. And this should be the focus of your efforts “, Balla stated.