A2 Business, how affordable are increasing prices for consumers and entrepreneurs

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Is it cost-effective for businesses and consumers to raise prices? Economic specialists at the “A2 Business” studio agreed that a big portion of our costs is exported. The economic paradigm, according to expert Bardhi Sejdarasi, must fulfill local needs. The demand for agricultural subsidies by trade unions, he says, is absurd.

“There has been a considerable rebound in 2009 indicators, such as tourism, which has outperformed expectations due to tourist limitations.
Businesses now have more capital, but wages have remained unchanged, which leads me to believe that it is time to evaluate the prices and market costs that businesses provide”, Sejdarasi declared.

To him, the fact that the economy’s indicators are strong, even when compared to 2019, indicates that we will not see a price-related crisis.

“There is a problem that is not unique to Albania: out of every 100 leks spent, 54 leks go to imports, implying that we export a substantial portion of our income, and we are discussing an economic model that must fulfill local requirements”,

Expert Kastriot Sulka: Management has an impact on cost increases in addition to market oddities

“The World Bank is concerned that 120 thousand employees will be paid less than $5 per day or the minimum wage. We have the market, which calculates the cost when it faces anomalies like Covid’s impacts, but we also have management. The management includes energy regulators. By removing some companies, we could have gotten the energy sector on the stock exchange. We lacked the authority’s ambition, tenacity, and administrative skills. The budget should benefit, but this is not the case”, Sulka declared.

Fatos Çoçoli, rising prices are affecting the poor and agricultural products

“For us, the degree of consumption is the difference between the economic sense of future difficulties for both ordinary consumers and entrepreneurs. The economy is improving, which is good news for us. The increasing prices of energy and fuels make it tough for the poor, seniors, and families in need. It’s as essential as growth.  This fiscal package harms agriculture.”

Dervishi: Business is suffering. Lack of staff creates costs. Decreased consumption causes chaos

The business is currently suffering. There is no profit margin and a personnel shortage. Linda Dervishi, Manager of Business and Entrepreneurship Controls, expressed these concerns at the “A2 Business” studio, emphasizing that the major issue in entrepreneurship is a lack of staff, which results in expenses rather than efficiency.

Dervishi argues that the venture’s personnel is unfulfilled due to a lack of vision and long-term ambitions.

According to her, reduced consumption produces corporate turmoil, and there can be no long-term forecasts if no long-term investment strategy is in place.