Agricultural experts raise objections to the fiscal package: Agriculture suffers a 7 million euro loss, impoverishes farmers

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Farmers are reacting to the government’s fiscal reforms in the new package for 2022, which primarily oppose the elimination of reimbursable VAT. Agriculture specialists estimate that the initiatives will cost the industry at least 7 million euros.

“We want subsidies… We demand subsidies,” said the group. This was the rallying cry of farmers following the government’s decision to eliminate the 6% subsidy, enhance the VAT exemption for machinery imports, and impose a tariff on powdered milk.

Farmers want the VAT on products purchased and sold to be equalized. They seek to impose a 10 ALL tariff per liter of milk and for a kilogram of vegetables sold with a receipt. They also want to increase the number of subsidies and enhance the control and advisory organizations.

According to agriculture industry representatives, the planned modifications in the new fiscal package will dramatically raise consumer product costs and reduce farmers’ capacity to compete with the Region.