The ruling of the Constitutional Court on the legitimacy of the 2019 local elections, on A2 Debate

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According to analyst Ilir Kalemaj, the Venice Commission’s decision for the June 30, 2019 elections suggests that the Constitutional Court may order a rerun of the elections in these six municipalities.

In an interview with Alba Alishani in the “Debate” studio on A2 CNN, he claimed that the SP claims to win in the towns without a mayor because it has the benefit of managing power, whereas the DP is stuck in a stalemate due to the Berisha-Basha feud.

Early elections, according to Kalemaj, should not be considered taboo in Albania, as they have occurred elsewhere in the Balkan region.

If the Constitutional Court does not recognize the June 30, 2019 elections, there will be no partial elections, and the head of state will only be able to decree local elections across the Republic. But if the process is deemed to be legal by him, the president will announce elections for municipalities without mayors. These are the two options that Kristaq Kume, the former head of the CEC, sees in the Constitutional Court’s judgment on the June 30, 2019 elections.

After the opinion of Venice on this matter, he was invited to “Debate” on A2 CNN with Alba Alishani, and he said that the problem is not solved by the opinion of Venice, but by the decision-making of the Constitutional Court. For Kume, the Venice Commission failed to respond to the Constitutional Court’s request for the elections to be declared legal.

The parties and the president, according to Kume, can only have a role after the Constitutional Court rules. He claims that after the Constitutional Court’s ruling, the president is required to announce the municipal elections, which he did not do since he does not recognize the June 30 elections.

However, if the Constitutional Court rejects the June 30 elections, Kume anticipates that the DP will not pursue elections throughout the region as long as territorial changes are sought.

Damian Gjiknur’s declaration about possible early elections following the Constitutional Court’s ruling, according to journalist Bledian Koka, was a desecration of democracy and propaganda. He told Alba Alishani in the studio of A2 CNN’s Debate that this comment should not have come from Gjiknuri, who, according to Koka, should be investigated by the Constitutional Court for the Dibra case.

Koka continues the accusations against Gjiknuri and the vetting that resulted in the dismissal of the case prosecutor in Dibra file 184.

“The Dibra file’s fate is sealed by the vetting that, rather than investigating it, sacked the prosecutor who should have been pursuing the case.  We’re dealing with a system capture situation.”

Gjiknuri’s words, according to Koka, confirm the Rama-Basha agreement to share the “cake,” but he claims that this will not be possible since the Constitutional Court will issue its verdict, which will put pressure on what transpired on June 30th.

According to Koka, the SP would continue bargaining on June 30, while the DP will accept anything they can offer, referring to the DP’s announcement that they are prepared for elections.