New tax law does not address the needs created by current crises

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The new fiscal legislation, which operates only online, does not meet the needs that have arisen as a result of the country’s current crises.

Economists say the modifications in the new fiscal package for 2022 are not enough to address the country’s challenges and needs.

According to Zef Preçi, the increase in the non-taxable level for all employees from 30 to 40 thousand ALL satisfies a small portion of the population while failing to provide development opportunities for the rest.

The legislation recommendations of the Ministry of Finance and Economy also propose a 6 lek per liter excise on gas that is used by the public for cooking or heating.

Despite the fact that the idea intends to reduce evasion, Preci claims that it does not address the problem.

Interest groups and industry organisations have expressed opposition to the “Finance” measures, emphasizing that neither the fiscal package nor the budget surprised in any meaningful way.