Death of four Russian tourists, prosecution sends information to Russian Embassy

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The General Prosecutor’s Office has communicated to the Russian Embassy in our country brief information regarding the death of four tourists in a hotel in Qerret, Kavaja. Although the General Prosecutor’s Office does not yet have information on the causes of death, it has communicated to the diplomatic mission information about the investigative actions taken so far in this.

International aid is also required for some of the expertise. This week, an investigation experiment is also scheduled. Prosecutors, in consultation with public health specialists, will replicate the conditions that existed at the resort on October 15, including reintroducing chlorine into the hotel’s indoor pool.

After that, an air and water test of the pool will be conducted to confirm or dispel any remaining doubts about the death of four Russian tourists.

On the other hand, forensic medicine has yet to provide a preliminary report, and the foods they used have not been inspected, as the Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary Medicine stated that it lacks legal authority to do so.

Meanwhile, two mobile phones were sent to the Scientific Police Institute, which were unable to be opened and will be transported to Israel in order to ascertain the most recent communications made by tourists.