“Basha did not say there would be no National Assembly,” Bardhi says. “We need the leadership to make a decision on this issue.”

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To the question of whether Lulzim Basha will allow the National Assembly meeting convened by Sali Berisha, Gazment Bardhi responded diplomatically, saying that the President has stated that an Assembly where the American government’s decisions are discussed will not be allowed, leaving another big question mark.

According to Bardhi, there has yet been no request for a meeting of the Assembly, and such a decision would require the DP leadership’s approval.

“Mr. Basha stated, without being misinterpreted, that there will be no National Assembly where the American government’s decisions will be debated. The Democratic Party has held National Assembly meetings in the past and will continue to do so whenever statutory concerns arise. So this isn’t about the National Assembly being merged. I don’t want to say anything about this in advance. As Secretary-General, I have yet to administer any request for a National Assembly meeting. Anyone who wishes to convene a meeting of party bodies should contact the party secretary, who will coordinate the process. In the case of the National Assembly, the party leadership would have to make a choice “, Gazment Bardhi stated.