Bardhi on the April 25th fatal shooting: I have accurate information on what happened

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Gazment Bardhi, the Democratic Party’s General Secretary, stated in “Interview with Merita Haklaj” that he will invite Prime Minister Edi Rama to testify in the Commission of Inquiry into the April 25 shooting death of a Socialist Party activist by a Democratic Party volunteer.

That the SP would use extortion and threats to intimidate and threaten voters, as well as buy votes, was a serious incident. I’ve demanded a swift and professional investigation. To my knowledge, the investigation continues. “The prosecution body has not yet concluded”, stated Bardhi.

He also stated that he knows all the facts but will not talk till justice is served.

“I didn’t say anything and chose not to talk about it until the authorities did, because one father died and two others were injured. I choose not to comment on that occurrence because politics has no bearing on people’s lives. However, I want to be fully informed about what happened, who was involved, and of course, the dynamics. I chose to withdraw and not speak because I want justice to be served in that matter “, said Gazment Bardhi, the Democratic Party’s Elbasan region head at the time.