Kruja poisoning, 150 children and 350 adults received treatment

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The Kruja Hospital has treated 500 patients, 150 children and 350 adults. The confirmation comes from the hospital’s director, Yllka Sheta, replying to journalists’ inquiries about citizen poisoning.

She says everyone had the same symptoms and only 3 patients got medication today.

“Symptoms include stomach ache, diarrhea, headaches, and fever. Only three patients have received treatment as of today; two are still in the hospital and one has returned home. So far, 500 people have been treated, 150 children and 350 adults. This isn’t a precise figure because we’re looking for recurrence.”

Sheta disputes the claims of lack of capacity, stating that despite the building’s damage from the earthquake, all beds and medications were available.

“The hospital has an influx, but it’s not from this. The hospital, despite earthquake damage, remains up and running and has all beds available. Medicines and services were available. It is clear that those who claim the Kruja hospital lacks capacity do not understand emergency situations. Patients come, get treatment, and go.”