Health experts reassure young students: The anti-Covid vaccine does not affect reproductive health

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Universities should not admit unvaccinated students or those who do not bring a negative test every week. The Immunization and Vaccination Committee’s specialists have made this recommendation.

According to A2 CNN sources, the five members of this Committee, including chairman Eduart Kakariqi, doctors Najada Çomo, Gjeorgjina Kuli, Aida Bushati, and Genc Sulçebe, have agreed that only vaccinated students and those who are not at risk of infection for others should enter the auditorium.

Meanwhile, Silva Bino, a Technical Committee specialist and the head of infectious diseases at the Public Health Institution, outlines the risk of Covid-19 even among young people who have not been vaccinated.

“One of their concerns is that we are young and hence do not need to be vaccinated. True, Covid affects young individuals in mild forms, but as the number of cases grows, we may see serious cases and perhaps death “, declared Bino.

Bino assures young people that the anti-Covid vaccine has no effect on their reproductive health, citing scientific evidence.

“The vaccine has no effect on women’s or men’s reproductive health. All of these theories have shown to be false. All current evidence, whether experimental, in animals, or in the general population, indicates that the vaccine has no adverse effects. This has also been observed in our nation, where people have been vaccinated and are now pregnant “, Bino explained.

For a few days, groups of vaccinators will be stationed near universities to immunize students against Covid-19. As of Monday, October 18, 34% of young people aged 18 to 30 had had their vaccinations.