Berisha’s suspension, Basha: I will not allow isolation of DP from the USA

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The subject of Sali Berisha’s suspension from the Democratic Party’s parliamentary group was also discussed during today’s meeting.

Flutura Açka, a Democratic MP, was the one who started off the debate by answering the question of whether she supports Berisha or Basha. The DP, she believes, should return to change.

“In meetings, Democrats ask me if I’m with Basha or Berisha. Should the term ‘Berishism’ be reinstated in the DP? I believe the DP should return to change,” Açka stated, prompting a response from deputy Albana Vokshi, who added, “We do not decide if Berishaism returns or not in this forum. It’s up to the base!”

Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha replied and reiterated his position that he will not put to a vote in any forum decisions taken by the United States government and American institutions against specific Democratic Party elected members. He made it clear that he would not allow measures that would isolate the Democratic Party from the United States.

“I want to reiterate today that as long as I am the Democratic Party’s chairman, I will refuse to vote in any Democratic Party forum on decisions made by the US government and American institutions that are directed against specific members of this party. Even if I am the one who suffers as a result of these decisions. I will not accept or enable activities that isolate the Democratic Party from the United States, which is our strategic friend and the greatest benefactor in the history of Albania, Kosovo, and the Albanian country. Isolation from the United States is the Democratic Party’s death. As a result, it is the death of hope for Albanians for a long time.”