US Ambassador on OSCE/ODIHR recommendations: Citizens must be free to vote without fear

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The US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim, shared on social media one of the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations for the April 25th elections which should be addressed in the next electoral process.

The OSCE/ODIHR report’s fourth recommendation is for Albania to ensure the protection of people’s personal data and that the appropriate institutions thoroughly investigate and sanction any violations that undermine public trust in the election process.

The authorities, according to Ambassador Kim, should act on this advice because the freedom of citizens to freely vote is the foundation of democracy.

“We urge the authorities to act on this and other OSCE/ODIHR recommendations regarding the April 25 elections,” Yuri Kim wrote. “Citizens’ right to vote freely – without fear, pressure, or illegal withdrawal – is the foundation of democracy.”