Rama: We announce energy emergency situation, the crisis will end by mid-2022

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The Albanian government held an extraordinary meeting this Friday, declaring a state of emergency for electric supply.

In a press release, PM Rama declared that the plan for confronting this situation will be declared in the upcoming days.

“We had an extraordinary meeting t declare an emergency for the supply of electricity. The general situation with increased prices gives the government the possibility to intervene with financial instruments. Today, with this decision, we prepare for the execution of the plan that will confront the crisis. It will be made public tomorrow.

“This situation is very similar to the pandemic situation, in the sense that everyone is affected. Unlike pandemics, different countries have different characteristics. Experts think that the crisis will peak in the middle of the next year. After a deep raise, prices will go back to where they were before. We have to protect our customers”, Rama said.  

When asked whether there will be power interruptions during winter, Rama declared that what they are discussing right now is not how to interrupt energy, but how to protect consumers.

Parliament Speaker comments on increased prices and energy crisis

The Parliament Speaker, Lindita Nikolla, was asked about the energy crisis and the price hike of several products.

“Crises affect everyone. The scale of this influence varies. It will be not the same for me or for another family with a harder economic situation. I trust that the government will respond to the challenges”, Lindita declared.