Schools resume normal hours, but many have to keep double shifts

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Schools in Albania resumed today with normal hours. After a petition signed by many parents,s the Ministry of education withdrew from the decision to continue with shorter hours.

However, teaching in shifts is unavoidable for some of the schools. The first group of children will go to school from 08:to 12:20, and the next from 12:30 to 16:30.

Students are happy to go back to full hours, as the teaching was not enough with the previous scenario. Parents and grandparents will also have more time to manage their day.

Education Experts see the issue of schools from another perspective. “Can we have quality teaching with 37-40 students in classes? We don’t have an anti-covid budget from the ministry of education. They could recruit more teachers for a second shift to avoid exhaustion”, said Ndricim Mehmeti, education expert, on A2 “Ditari”.