Kosovo: Opposition criticizes agreement for license plates

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The opposition parties in Kosovo are criticizing the agreement reached with Serbia, considering it dangerous for the country’s interests.

The Kurti government, according to the opposition, is recognizing the legitimacy of the Serbian institutions in the territory of Kosovo.

Abelard Tahiri, Head of the Kosovo Democratic Party Parliamentary Group, declared that the agreement reached in Brussels legalized the vehicle license plates as issued by Serbia’s Interior Ministry.

“This is the biggest damage done to Kosovo. There hasn’t been a more dangerous agreement than this in the past 20 years. Serbia has issued license plates that weren’t recognized by our government and now they are legalizing license plates that are issued by Serbia for the citizens of Kosovo”, he declared.

Arben Gashi, head of the Kosovo Democratic League Parliamentary Group accused the government of legalizing the authority of Serbia in Kosovo.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, also Head of Kosovo’s Delegation for the Dialogue with Serbia, responded by saying that the declarations of the opposition are being considered more dangerous than the Association of the Serbian Communes, more dangerous than the Agreement for Energy and for Justice, and more dangerous than the discussions for changing Kosovo’s borders.

“But the truth is that this agreement is much different from those made before. The persons who see those agreements as positive, cannot see this as negative”, Bislimi declared.

He added that for the first time, Serbian license plates with regional designations of Kosovo are treated as illegal license plates, as in previous governments they were treated as Kosovo license plates.