Parliament Speaker Lindita Nikolla on A2: Ready to communicate with opposition despite ripped ballots

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For the past three weeks, Lindita Nikolla has taken her role as Parliament Speaker. In an interview for A2 CNN, Nikolla declared that it is a high responsibility that she will deliver seriousness.

As regards the moment when the opposition MPs ripped the ballot papers for her voting, Nikolla said it was a sad moment that she has now overcome.

The Albanian Parliament Speaker says that despite this action, she is ready to support the requests of the opposition for establishing investigative commissions.

“I would do everything to enable dialogue and communication. I will be available to anyone  when it comes to communication”, Nikolla decelared.

The vaccination passport for MPs is about to turn to reality. Will this be followed in other institutions that are part of the Parliament?

“Of course, it will be a chain reaction. There are a very small number of unvaccinated MPs. We will have a report from the chairmen of the Parliamentary groups on the situation”, Nikolla declared.

Following two strong personalities, such as Ilir Meta and Gramoz Ruci, Nikolla said that she has clear ideas on how she wants to be remembered as a speaker after the next four years.

“I believe that I would like to be remembered as a Speaker who gave the Albanian Parliament the opportunity to be more open and to offer more ethics, to be more available to the citizens”, Nikolla declared.