Basha: No anti-American groups within the DP. Berisha: Party base declared non-grata by Basha

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The debates about the suspension of the former DP leader, Sali Berisha, from the DP Parliamentary group, spurred more discussions today in the Parliamentary Group meeting.

After being declared non-grata by the USA, Lulzim Basha suspended Berisha from the DP Parliamentary Group, a decision that MP Flamur Noka considered a backstabbing for the DP supporters.

Basha reitereated once again that the suspension of Berisha is definite and there is no turning back. “The request came from US high-level officials. I have enough information. Berisha also has enough information. You will never get that information. We cannot turn this an anti-American Parliament. The DP will not allow anti-American groups. This goes against the Democratic Party itself”, Bahsa declared.

Berisha declared on social networks that Basha, with his decision, has declared the entire party base non-grata.

However, the Democratic Party declared in a press release that the Party leader, Lulzim Basha, has never considered the party membership as anti-American.