The government program of Rama’s third term as PM

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The program of the Rama 3 government plans recovery after the pandemic and the earthquake, economic development, modernization of key sectors, strengthening families, and making Albania safer.

What stands out in this program is the salary increase for doctors, nurses, and teachers by 40% until the end of the third term. There will be an increase f other public administration sectors by 30%.

The government also promises to build the Vlora airport within this term and transforming the Albanian coastline into a gas distribution hub, after transforming the Thermal Energy Central into a liquid-gas power central.

As regards the economy, the government promises more attention to Albanian products. The manufacturing industry should no longer be limited under the regime of international brands but will move into another level, a full production cycle, by promoting the “Made in Albania” brand, with which it will compete globally.

Other plans include the completion of the Delvina-Kardhiq road, the Arber Road, the Tirana-Durres highway, the Saranda Airport, all infrastructure projects aiming to turn Albania into a tourist destination not only for the region but for entire Europe.

A priority in education will be internationalization through twinning programs with well-known foreign universities, especially on natural sciences, IT technology, and engineering.