Albania joins EU system for COVID digital certifications, Rama and Soreca react

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Albania is officially connected to the EU system for COVID-19 digital certificates.

This means that the documents issued by the Albanian authorities proving vaccinations or tests will be recognized by all members of the EU. Albania will also have to accept and recognize the digital certificate from EU travelers.

The EU Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, declared that citizens will be able to travel safely thanks to this system.

“During summer we saw that citizens are able to travel safely thanks to the EU digital certificate. This is a situation in which everyone wins. Citizens may enjoy their right for free movement. Business and the transportation sector may start compensating their loss”.

There are 42 countries that are part of this scheme, 27 of them are EU members. The block has issued 420 million certificates since June. Together with Albania, six other countries entered the system: Israel, Morocco, the Faroe Islands, Monaco and Panama.

Rama: Proof of our progress

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, reacted after the EU approved the Albanian vaccination certificates. Rama said that this is a significant example of Albania’s digital progress.

“Great news! Albanians are  free to move to Europe with the digital vaccination passport. The EU approved Albania, Israel and Morocco, giving a significant example of our digital progress, for everyone who wants to enjoy the achievements besides seeing bad things even when there aren’t”, Rama declared.

EU Ambassador Soreca: Digital vaccination certificatin, key to protect the population

The EU Ambassador, Luigi Soreca, praised the decision of the European Commission to recognize the digital anti-Covid certificates issued by Albania.

The Senior EU diplomat added that now more efforts should be done to vaccinate and protect the population, and also to prevent the spread of the virus.