Berisha ignores Basha’s suspension from DP Parliamentary group, but what could be his legal moves?

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After being declared non-grata in the USA by the US State Secretary, the former Democratic Party leader, Sali Berisha, was suspended from the Democratic Party Parliamentary Group until the case is clarified. The former PM and former President didn’t took it very well, and declared that he would use any point of the DP statute “to bring back the dignity within the Democratic Party”.

Berisha declared in today’s plenary session of the Parliament that he is an MP of the Democratic Party Parliamentary group, considering Basha’s decision invalid. The Parliament will verify the declarations with the other Parliamentary Group leaders. In Berisha’s case, this action will be taken by Alfred Rushaj, who will declare him “de jure” non-grata.

The statutory rules which Berisha can use against Lulzim Basha could be based on Article 43, regarding the organization and functionality of the national assembly. It provides that this institution could meet if there is a decision from the National Council or the party leadership. Te assembly can hold a meeting when asked by 1/4th of the delegates or leadership members.

To undertake such a move, Berisha would need support from the wide party base. There have been indirect signals for a possible tour with the democrats.

“I am certain that the supporters of the Democratic Party will know how to remove such a decision which goes against the statute, taken by the man who leads today the DP, but who proved that he does that only for his own personal interest”, Berisha declared.

Another point of the statute that Berisha could use is article 54.2, which allows Berisha to address the Commission of Appeals, Integrity and Ethics in order to oppose the order taking by DP leader, Lulzim Basha, regarding his suspension from the Parliamentary Group.

Basha, on the other, hand, met with a group of collaborators to protect his position for the public. Among them is also Agron Gjekmarkaj, who said that Berisha, while being a huge political personality, cannot handle the battles for the statute. He decalred that removing Berisha from the parliamentary group was the only way for the DP and Lulzim Basha.