COVID-19 in Kosovo, 28 deaths in 24 hours, 16 pregnant women hospitalized

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The situation with the coronavirus remains concerning in Kosovo. 28 people have died in the past 24 hours, while the authorities have confirmed 489 new cases after making 6310 tests.

859 citizens have recovered, taking the total to 124,711. The number of currently active cases is 25.290.

The number of people receiving hospitalized treatment is very high. 16 pregnant women are hospitalized at the department of gynecology and many are receiving oxygen. Their situation with COVID-19 is stable, except for one of them who had more severe symptoms.

Meanwhile, 550,000 Pfizer vaccines were handed over at the Kosovo Public Health institution with the purpose to immunize 60% of the population.

“503,1000 doses are part of the US donation for Kosovo. They have arrived through the COVAX mechanism. 53,820 doses have arrived through the agreement between the government of Kosovo and the Pfizer company”, declared the Kosovo Health Ministry.