Security expert: Dangerous elements could infiltrate Afghan refugees

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Security expert, Ergys Muzhaqi, declared that the Afghan refugees who are staying temporarily in Albania, before traveling to the USA, need a very careful vetting to prove whether they have really been collaborators of the US allies in the past 24 hours.

Persons from the Taliban and ISIS could have been infiltrated through them, or agents of the security service. According to Muzhaqi, Albania should consider the danger of them creating incidents within the communities of our guests.

But do the Albanian law enforcement structures have the capacity and ability to identify these elements who could endanger public life?

“The intelligence service matter goes beyond the routine public security concepts. Our structures must not have any specific preparation for the Afghan contingents. This is when the structures of our allies come to play, such as the USA”, Muzhaqi said, adding that managing the current emigrants is not difficult, but it may become a challenge if the number increases significantly.